I’ve been blessed with a creative spirit.  I love crafts, baking and creating websites and ways to help people to connect. 

Here is a list of my websites.  I hope you will join me at one or more.  I would love for you to be a contributor to any of my social groups.


Janet Needham

Goldie’s Edible Delectibles – launching in September 2022

The 10 Minute Break via Society6

Earthlings Connect – a Social Networking Site

Afghanistan People – A Social Networking Site

My Back Story Creator – A place for you to contribute your creative writing for a favorite character

Dollar Obituary – My way of helping others to list a loved one’s obituary without having to spend a fortune.

Collect to Connect – a Social Site for anyone who loves collecting and wants to connect with other collectors.

The Church of Divine Harmony – Future site for the Christian community.