Welcome to Dollar-Obituary.com

The sole purpose of this site is to offer an affordable option in creating a memory of a loved one without having to pay hundreds of dollars like the “newspapers” charge. The $1.00 is just to help maintain this site and the annual fees to keep it “live”. If we could offer this for free we would. Our love & prayers to you and your family.

In your obituary listing you can include up to 10 photos and your can edit the verbiage anytime.

Include a website if you are live-streaming the service. Live-streaming services have become a great option since the pandemic. You can also list a YouTube link for the service.

As an easy way for users to find your loved ones obituary we suggest you include the zip code for where your loved on lived.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the administrator of this website at admin@dollar-obituary.com.